Documenting the oldest city, present-day Triplicane


Triplicane is a small city in Chennai, the metropolitan capital of Tamil Nadu, India covering 5sq km area housing nearly 125,000 people with about 85,000 floating population. The history of today's Triplicane, once named Tiruvellikeni, was one of the first formed cities of the state. The diversity of religions and the housing population in regards to its growth over several hundred years provoked us for an in-depth study analysis on the same. 

A group of 7 students, leadered by me under the guidance of the professor, documented the history and analyzed the evolution of the population housing typologies alongside the heritage the city has kept intact over the years. The studio ended with a proposal for the issues encountered in our study.


Presented the documentation at the 4Th urban design conference conducted by the School of Architecture, Meenakshi College of Engineering